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What is the CFA?

This is an internationally recognized Charter, which can be earned by cracking three tests, combined with relevant work experience. This is one of the more coveted credentials in the world of Finance, specifically portfolio management. It will set you back ~$2,400 — $5,000 if you pass…

Inclusive Marketplace [GIPHY]

What is Marketplace Lending?

Marketplace Lending or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending is a community connecting those who need loans to those who can fund loans, where money flows from those who have excess cash to those who need some excess cash.

  1. Think of the last marketplace you visited that connects buyers…

Is the ‘value’ of an investment simply the sum of cashflows it yields its stakeholders? [GIPHY]

What is a DCF?

The Discounted Cash Flow model is a key method of valuing an investment (any good or asset, like property, a bond or a company, acquired with the intention of generating wealth or profit), with a predictable, positive, stable stream of cashflows over its life.

  1. The main…

The world of finance can seem convoluted, perplexing, intricate, byzantine (and all the synonyms) to an outsider. Let’s be real, it is hard to navigate even for an insider. You hear technical terms in the news, on podcasts, and at dinner parties (don’t judge my social life!) and may feel…

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